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[01|24|04 @ 09 PM]
[ mood | annoyed ]

Im sick of updating this thing.

Today went to the mall with colin,emma,gerald,teddy and mike.

then came home and ordered a pizza.

emma stayed the night.

ands thats about it



[01|24|04 @ 01 PM]
im so bored

[01|18|04 @ 03 PM]
[ mood | geeky ]

Well Friday morning..skating was really gay. I had no fun

But at night i went with Rita and Emma and it was really fun. I finally got plugs and laces for my skates : ) . Anyway Me and Emma made 14 dollars by asking random people for bus fare..ha ha and we used it at the movies last night. We told people we lived in taylor and had to take the bus home and we had no money and people just handed over money. One kid gave me a ten! wow. Rita was with Sandra like the entire time. And we with Tony lol. What a kid.                                                          Emma found this dog tag and we kept asking people if they lost it. Turns out it belonged to sum black kid that got jumped. he looked like sinbad. Emma wouldnt give the guy who worked there the tag so they were gunna have the cops escort us out. lmao. well she finally gave it to them and then some chicks were gunna beat our ass but they didnt. too bad.


Then last night me and emma went to the movies with mike,colin,gerald and ray. It was interesting. Mike and Ray were prank calling everyone. Gerald was pissed off and well colin was sitting in front of me so i dunno. We saw some gay movie that i did it.nt watch. And then afterwards emma stayed the night and thats about

[01|15|04 @ 06 PM]
[ mood | groggy ]

After school i went to the basketball game.. i was so bored. Me and Emma were gunna die. So we left

When I got home I fell alseep.

Anyways- tonight im going over Ritas house and tomorrow morning we are going to that school skating thing. Its prolly gunna be gay but we will make it fun some how. And Cara might go with us too. Im not really friends with her so I want to get to know her. And Bekas going with us tomorrow too.

Then after skating im going to the mall with Emma. Southland. Hopefully I will find something cute to wear skating tomorrow night.

And yeah...after that me and emma are going back to Ritas then going skating and then spending the night at her dads house.

Dunno about my plans for saturday but ill probably just hang with Emma.

Well Ill write more when i have something to say..

[01|11|04 @ 06 PM]
[ mood | gloomy ]

Well Yesterday was interesting...Me and Emma and Beka went bowling..not really. When we got there Jessi, Will, Tina and little brother were there. We waited for Colin, Gerald and Brian. When they got there we all went to Colins.

After a while Jessi and them left. And Beka was worrying the whole time about being caught because we werent supposed to be there. But we didnt get caught.

And then we went back up to the Bowling Alley and Brian and Gerald forced us to go back to Colins house..

Well I dont really like anyone right now. Weird.

Today I went to the mall with Kelly. It was really boring.

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